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Boston University Operations And Supply Chain Management Assignment Help - A natural gas

Question - A natural gas containing 95 mole% methane and the balance ethane is burned with 20.0% excess air.
The stack gas which contains no unburned hydrocarbons or carbon monoxide leaves the furnace at
900°C and 1.2 atm and passes through a heat exchanger. The air on its way to the furnace also
passes through the heat exchanger, entering it at 20°C and leaving it at 245°C.
(a) Taking as a basis 100 molls of the natural gas fed to the furnace calculate the required molar flow
rate of air, the molar flow rate and composition of the stack gas, the required rate of heat transfer in
the pre-heater, Q (write an energy balance on the air), and the temperature at which the stack gas
leaves the pre-heater (write an energy balance on the stack ...Read More

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