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University Of North Carolina At Greensboro Operations And Supply Chain Management Assignment Help - Gas streams

Question - Gas streams containing hydrogen and nitrogen in different proportions are produced on request by
blending gases from two feed tanks: Tank A (hydrogen mole fraction = xA) and Tank B (hydrogen
mole fraction = xB). The requests specify the desired hydrogen mole fraction, xp, and mass flow rate
of the product stream, mp(kg/h).
(a) Suppose the feed tank compositions are xA = 0.10 mol H2/mol and xB = 0.50 mol H2/mol, and the
desired blend—stream mole fraction and mass flow rate are xp = 0.20 mol H2/mol and mp = 100 kg/h.
Draw and label a flowchart and calculate the required molar flow rates of the feed mixtures, nA (k
mol/h) and nB (k mol/h).
(b) Derive a series of formulas for nA and nB in terms of xA, xB, xp, and mp. Test them us ...Read More

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