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Boston University Operations And Supply Chain Management Assignment Help - A sedimentation

Question - A sedimentation process is to be used to separate pulverized coal from slate. A suspension of finely
divided particles of galena (lead sulfide SG = 7.44) in water is prepared. The overall specific gravity of
the suspension is 1.48.
(a) Four hundred kilograms of galena and a quantity of water are loaded into a tank and stirred to
obtain a uniform suspension with the required specific gravity. Draw and label the flowchart (label
both the masses and volumes of the galena and Water), do the degree-of-freedom analysis and
calculate how much water (m3) must be fed to the tank.
(b) A mixture of coal and slate is placed in the suspension. The coal rises to the top and is skimmed
off, and the slate sinks. What can you conclude about the spec ...Read More

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