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University Of North Carolina At Greensboro Operations And Supply Chain Management Assignment Help - the production

Question - In the production of a bean oil beans containing 13.0 wt% oil and 87.0% solids are ground and fed to a stirred tank (the extractor) along with a recycled stream of liquid n-hexane. The feed ratio is 3kg hexane/kg beans. The ground beans are suspended in the liquid, and essentially all of the oil in the beans is extracted into the hexane. The extractor effluent passes to a filter. The filter cake contains 75.0 wt% bean solids and the balance bean oil and hexane, the latter two in the same ratio in which they emerge from the extractor. The filter cake is discarded and the liquid filtrate is fed to a heated evaporator in which the hexane is vaporized and the oil remains as a liquid. The oil is stored in drums and shipped. The hexane vap ...Read More

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