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George Washington University Operations And Supply Chain Management Assignment Help - Methanol is synthesized

Question - Methanol is synthesized from carbon monoxide and hydrogen in a catalytic reactor. The fresh feed to
the process contains 32.0 mole% CO. 64.0% H2 and 4.0% N2. This stream is mixed with a recycle
stream in a ratio 5mol recycle/i mol fresh feed to produce the feed to the reactor, which contains 13.0
mole% N2. A low single-pass conversion is attained in the reactor. The reactor effluent goes to a
condenser from which two streams emerge: a liquid product stream containing essentially all the
methanol formed in the reactor and a gas stream containing all the CO H2 and N2 leaves the reactor.
The gas stream is split into two fractions: one is removed from the process as a purge stream, and
the other is the recycle stream that combines with t ...Read More

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