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Stanford University Operations And Supply Chain Management Assignment Help - Calculating break-even

Question - . Calculating break-even. Jasmine Gonzales, administrative director of Small Imaging Center, has
been asked by the practice members to see if it is feasible to add more staff to support the practice's
mammography service, which currently has 2 analogue film or screen units and 2 technologists. She
has complied the following information: ' What is the monthly patient volume needed per month to
cover fixed and variable costs? 1. Reimbursement per screen $66.05 2. Equipment costs per month
$1,450.00 3. Technologist cost per mammography $15.60 4. Technologist aide per mammography
$3.10 5. Variable cost per mammography $15.00 6. Equipment maintenance per month per machine
$919.66 ' What is the patient volume needed per month if Small Imag ...Read More

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