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University Of California, Davis Operations And Supply Chain Management Assignment Help - The Stillwater

Question - The Stillwater geothermal power plant in Nevada, which started full commercial operation in 1986, is
designed to operate with seven identical units. Each of these seven units consists of a pair of power
cycles, labeled Level I and Level II, operating on the simple Rankine cycle using an organic fluid as
the working fluid. The heat source for the plant is geothermal water (brine) entering the vaporizer
(boiler) of Level I of each unit at 325°F at a rate of 384,286 lbm/h and delivering 22.79 MBtu/h (?oM??
stands for ?omillion??). The organic fluid that enters the vaporizer at 202.2°F at a rate of 157,895
lbm/h leaves it at 282.4°F and 225.8 psia as saturated vapor. This saturated vapor expands in the
turbine to 95.8°F and 1 ...Read More

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