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San Diego State University Operations And Supply Chain Management Assignment Help - Angle

Question - A bookcase weighing 1500 N rests on a horizontal surface for which the coefficient of static friction is
p = 0.40. The bookcase is 1.80 m tall and 2.00 m wide; its center of gravity is at its geometrical center
the bookcase rests on four short legs that are each 0.10 m from the edge of the bookcase. A person
pulls on a rope attached to an upper comer of the bookcase with a force F that makes an angle 6 with
the bookcase (Fig. 11.65).
(a) If6 = 90", so horizontal, show that as F is increased from zero, the bookcase will start to slide
before it tips, and calculate the magnitude of F that will start the bookcase sliding.
(b) If 6 = 0°, so F is vertical, show that the bookcase will tip over rather than slide, and calculate the
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