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Need help to write a case for my marketing problem assignment

Question -
Case study write-up
A business case is a narrative of a business situation as faced by a person or unit in a particular organization. Cases contain background information about the organization, product/service, market etc and relevant data and facts available to the key person in the case – the protagonist -who is the decision maker.
The case write up would be similar to the cases you have worked on throughout your MBA program. The major difference would be that in this case you would be required to develop a case rather than analyze the case. Case write-ups should be of around 10-15 pages (1.5 spacing, well formatted, with 12 pt font size) including appendices. Below are some more specific guidelines:
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Solution Preview - e day during the year 2012, while surfing the internet, the Chief executive officer of Aramex, Mr. Fadi Ghandour came across an article about the various inconveniences which Aramex customers were facing in the western countries like US and UK and how these issues were causing them discomforts and made them to switch over to Aramex competitors' ser

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