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Do My Managing Strategic Change Assignment of University of Northampton

Question - Managing Strategic Change I need to prepare two files: 1.Presentation (submitted on the 21 February 2014) 2.Report (submitted on the 21 March 2014) 1st The Presentation ï‚· Wakewood: Please read the Wakewood case study (find attachment file; Case Study for presentation (Wakewood)), Taking into consideration key objectives highlighted. Prepare a 6 slide presentation including notes (notes should be not exceeding 1000 words) to highlight: 1. Key issues within Wakewood. 2. Strategy to me the organization forward. 3. Include relevant academic underpinning. ï‚· Presentation Format: No more than 6 slides including no more than 1000 words of notes (put the note in the Box under the slide, not inside the slide). ...Read More

Solution Preview - conflict in the Wakewood organisation Mullins L 2005, Management & Organisational Behaviour –Prentice Hall, 7th Edition The Wakewood organisation comprises seven units, each of which has been managed autonomously over the last five years. Each unit is managed by a General Manager and comprises one or more product/service departments and

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