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Question - DACCF B7 CA2 Page 1 DACCF –B7 (Commercial Law) CA 2 TERMINATION & REMEDIES (a) State the 4 ways in which a contract can come to an end. (4 marks) (b) Bob supplies shitake mushrooms to Chinese restauran ts. He entered into a contract to buy 100 kilogramme of superior grade shitake mushrooms from Ah Seng for delivery on 1 January 2011. Just before the delive ry, Ah Seng informed Bob that he was unable to deliver any mushroom due to a severe shortage of mushrooms in the market. As a result, Bob’s sales for the month of January fell by 40% compared with his average monthly sales. In addition, Bob could not meet the extra demand for shitake mushrooms for January which was the Chinese New Year s ...Read More

Solution Preview - contract is a written agreement between two parties which is enforceable in a court of law. However it can be enforceable in a court of law only if the contract must be an offer from one party to another CITATION Ros13 \l 1033 (Johnson). The party has to accept the offer and the contract must be consideration or it must be a document under seal. T

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