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Question - Essay questions:
Please write an essay about one of the following topics:
1) Analyse a film (has to be available in English) in terms of identity.
To answer this question you need to find a film that lends itself to the analysis of an identity
type, for example class, gender or national identity. You need to focus on one or two types of
identity only (e.g. national identity in ‘Lost in Translation’) and exemplify your ideas by referring
to signs and symbols and by pointing out stereotypes used in the film. Discuss key scenes to
explain how (national) identity is being used to create meaning.
2) Culture Shock and Intercultural Competence
Analyse how identity is affecte ...Read More

Solution Preview - TOC \o "1-3" \h \z \u ESSAY: POWER AND LANGUAGE PAGEREF _Toc402229777 \h 1References: PAGEREF _Toc402229778 \h 8 ESSAY: POWER AND LANGUAGEJust like everything else is learnt with our growth, the way of communication is also learnt and affected strongly by the culture, in which we grow up. There are different aspects of communication, which are

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