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Need Help with COM2001 Advanced Programming Techniques Assignment in Breaking the Enigma Code in Haskell Programming language

Question - University of Sheffield Department of Computer Science COM2001: Advanced Programming Techniques Assessment 2013-14 Assignment 3: Breaking the Enigma Code This assignment counts as 25% of the assessment for COM2001. It’s based on the ‘Bombe Case Study’ which you have separate notes for. What you must do 1. Write Haskell code to implement the Bombe simulation following the design explained in the case study, assuming the simplifications made there: ‘ that the choice of rotors and reflector is always the same: referring to the assignment 2 spec the left rotor will be RI, the middle rotor RII and the right rotor RIII. The reflector is the standard one (which was called reflector B).’ You may m ...Read More

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