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Question - Nelson Marlborough Institute of Technology POST GRADUATE DIPLOMA IN BUSINESS ENTERPRISE Activity Title: GBE.806 – Financing Enterprise Standard Number and Title: GBE806 Assessed Elements: Conditions: ASSIGNMENT 1 2 Task/Activity Instructions: You work as a financial analyst for an investment bank. You have been asked to prepare a report assessing the financial results and investment attractiveness of Golden Chip Takeaways. This report is to be based on the attached set of annual financial statements for the Golden Chip Takeaways shop. Your report should cover your assessment of the following: • The business’s profitability. Consider both how good or poor the profit performance ...Read More

Solution Preview - RPRISE DATE: 30/10/14 NAME: AMANDEEP KAUR GILL Contents TOC \o "1-3" \h \z \u Understanding Profitability PAGEREF _Toc402316731 \h 1Reasons for Computing Profitability PAGEREF _Toc402316732 \h 2Accounting Methods PAGEREF _Toc402316733 \h 2Cash Method of accounting PAGEREF _Toc402316734 \h 3Accrual Accounting Method PAGEREF _Toc402316735 \h

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