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University Of North Texas Operations And Supply Chain Management Assignment Help - Process Costing!

Question - (Standard process costing; variances) Alberton Co. uses a standard costing system to account t for its production of toys. Plastic is added at the start of production; labor and overhead are incurred at equal rates throughout the process. The standard cost of one toy is as follows: Direct Material $0.10 Direct Labor 0.02 Overhead 0.07 Total Cost $0.19 The following production and cost data are applicable to April 2010: Beginning WIP Inventory (45% complete) 180,000 units Units started in April 1,300,000 units Ending WIP Inventory (65% complete) 144,000 units Current cost of direct material $184,000 Current cost of direct labor 27,126 Current cost of overhead 93,000 a. W hat amount is carried as the April beginning balanc ...Read More

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