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San Diego State University Operations And Supply Chain Management Assignment Help - Goods

Question -
Using the following national income accounting data, compute (a) GDP, (b) NDP, and (c) NI. All figures are in billions.
Category Value
Compensation of employees $196.2
U.S. exports of goods and services 19.8
Consumption of fixed capital 11.8
Government purchases 59.4
Taxes on production and imports 14.4
Net private domestic investment 52.1
Transfer payments 13.9
U.S. imports of goods and services 16.5
Personal taxes 40.5
Net foreign income 2.2
Personal consumption expenditures 219.1
Statistical discrepancy 0.0
Instructions: Round your answers to one decimal place. a. GDP = $ billionb. NDP = $ billionc. National Income = $ billion
The data for a hypothetical economy in a given year are as follows:
Category Value
Personal c ...Read More

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