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Need Help with University of Phoenix MKT 571 Coursework Week One Quiz

Question - 1 A company's sales potential would be equal to market potential when which situations 
a) The company gets 100 percent share of the market. 
b) Industry marketing expenditures approach infinity for a given marketing environment. 
c) The marketing expenditure of the company is reduced to zero. 
d) The market is nonexpandable. 
2 Marketing is considered both an art and a science. How do the 4Ps, or marketing mix, 
help us bridge the gap between art and science? 
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Solution Preview - arket potential when which situations exists? a) The company gets 100 percent share of the market. b) Industry marketing expenditures approach infinity for a given marketing environment. c) The marketing expenditure of the company is reduced to zero. d) The market is nonexpandable. Answer - a 2 Marketing is considered both an art an

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