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BAC 1034 Bachelor of Financial Accounting Assignment

Question - 1. Introduction a) Name of the business : Silver Company Clothing b) Business activities: selling
clothes to all people. c) Place/location of the business : Kuala Lumpur / Pavillion d) Why you set up
the business at the location mentioned (c)? Because pavillion is in the central and most vital place in
Kuala Lumpur and also so many customers are in pavillion e) Capital contribution : RM Cash 45,000
and bank 40,000 f) Financial year end : November 30, 2014 g) State the transaction for which month:

Solution Preview - elor of Financial Accounting Assignment 1 Silver Company Clothing Prepared by: Ahmad Nouval Husin (1131121201) Muhammad Taufik (1121116824) Sameer Shalan Alshahrani (1131121254) Hussain Aqeel Abdulaziz (1131121251) Prepared to: Mr. Mohamad Iruwan Bin Ghuslan Assignment 1 Page 1 Silver Company Plagiarism Statement Declaration Form Course Code

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