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Do My CS 452 Artificial Intelligence Assignment using Java

Question - Arti cial Intelligence (CS 452), Fall 2013
Assignment 05 (100 points)
Due by 10:00 AM, Saturday, 14 December For this assignment, you will be doing some reinforcement learning experiments in the domain of a
simpli ed version of the video game Tetris. In this game, there are 5 types of blocks; each appears
on-screen as a di erently colored ob ject, and each is encoded using a 2-dimensional integer array.
The types of blocks and their corresponding arrays are as shown in Figure 1. Figure 1: Each block is of a di erent type (from
1to 5) and corresponds to an integer array.
In this game, a player is given a certain number of blocks to begin with (the value is set to 50in the
distributed code). They play by choosing actions. Each action is encod ...Read More

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