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MGT521 University of Phoenix Week Three Knowledge Check

Question - Week 3 Knowledge Check 1.The process of dividing work activities into separate job tasks is known as  ________.  A.work specialization  B.differentiation  C.chain of command  D.span of control  2. The process of grouping jobs together is known as ________.  A.departmentalization  B.centralization  C.formalization  D.decentralization  3. The line of authority that extends from upper organizational levels to lower levels,  clarifying who reports to whom, is known as the ________.  A.employee power distance  B.unity of command  C.spa ...Read More

Solution Preview - onceptsMasteryQuestions Six key elements in determining organizational structure 100yb 123 Mechanistic and Organic Structures67yb 456 Types of Contemporary Organizational Designs100yb 789 Types of Internal and External Collaboration100yb 101112 Stages of Group Development100yb 131415 Five Conflict Management Techniques100yb 161718 Six Aspects of G

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