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Create Maze Game using Perlenspiel Javascript Game Plugin

Question - Worksheet This worksheet has been created to get you to think about the requirements and best practices for completing the Perlenspiel Puzzle Assignment. Please answer each of the following to the best of your abilities: 1.What is the name of your puzzle? 2.Does your puzzle have a theme? If so, what is it? (All puzzles don't need to have themes. What is the theme of Sudoku, for instance?) 3. a.Briefly describe the mechanics of your puzzle. What does the player interact with? What is the goal? b.Briefly describe an appropriate strategy for the game that isn't brute force. (What's an approach the player may take to effectively solve the puzzle?) (See Lesson 08) 4. a.How will the user know how to interact with the puzzle? Is it ...Read More

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