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Do My HLTHIR404D Nursing Homework about Aboriginal in Australia

Question - Each student will select a current Health Initiative that addresses one of the major health issues facing Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people and relate this to the non-indigenous Australian population.Explanation of the underlying health problem the initiative is addressingIncluding the most up to date research of this health problemComparison and contrast of the situation between non-indigenous Australian population and that of the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peopleWord Length: 1000 words (+/- 10%)Referencing: Use APA referencing Presentation: Typed, Font: Verdana Font Size:12; Spacing:Double; Sided: SingleDue Date: One week following HLTHIR404D Session 3

Solution Preview - GEREF _Toc373664570 \h 2Detail Health Initiative PAGEREF _Toc373664571 \h 2Tackling chronic disease risk factors PAGEREF _Toc373664572 \h 2Primary health care services that can deliver PAGEREF _Toc373664573 \h 3Fixing the gaps and improving the patient journey PAGEREF _Toc373664574 \h 3Detail Health Problem PAGEREF _Toc373664575 \h 4Latest

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