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Question - CMPUT 204 | Winter 2011
Algorithms I
Section B1 (Stewart) Midterm Exam 2March 25, 2011 Last name:
First name:

Time allowed: 50 minutes.
 Place all answers in the spaces provided on the question pages. JUSTIFYeach answer appropriately.
 This exam counts 15% toward your nal grade in this course.
 This exam is worth 30 points in total.
 The weight of each question is indicated in square brackets by the question number.
 There are 3 questions in this exam. Please check that your exam booklet is complete.
 This is a CLOSED BOOK exam { you may refer to one 8 1 2

11 inch double-sided sheet of notes
during the exam. No other aids allowed . Question Mark Out Of
1 10
2 10
3 10

Question 1
[10 marks] Your job is to seat nrambunctio ...Read More

Solution Preview - Exam 2 PARTIAL ANSWERS Question 1 [10 marks] Your job is to seat nrambunctious children in a theatre with nbalconies. The balconies are numbered from 1 to nand arranged from oor to ceiling such that each balcony is above all lower numbered balconies. You are given a list of mstatements of the form \ iteases j". If iteases j, then you do not want

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