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Buy LDR531 Organizational Leadership University of Phoenix Week 3 Weekly Reflection

Question - Discuss and choose, as a Learning Team, the most important barrier that you think  creates a communication challenge within groups and teams, as highlighted in the  “Barriers to Effective Communication” section in Ch. 11 of Organizational Behavior.  Why did your team choose this particular barrier and how does it create a  communication challenge? Provide real­life examples you may have experienced  regarding this particular barrier.    Prepare a 350­ to 1,050­word paper detailing the findings of your discussion.    Click the Assignment Files tab to submit your assignment.     

Solution Preview - am A Week Three Reflection Effective communication is a key component in the overall success of an organization. Communication barriers can be perceived in many forms, whether it be physical, emotional, cultural, or simply personality (Feigenbaum, n.d.). Regardless of the means, when communication breaks down, solid conflict resolution strategies

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