Elana Zon

Expert of Accounting with rating 4.1


I have done Masters in Accounts from Lancaster University. I have worked as accounts teacher for three years and as accounts professor for seven years. I am also working with allassignmenthelp as a freelancer. 

Areas of Expertise

  • Business Sector
  • Finance
  • Accounting
  • Accounts Theory
  • Finance Operations

Occupation/ Designation

  • Working with AllAssignmenthelp.com as freelancer for three years
  • Worked in  secondary school as accounts teacher for three years
  • Working as online tutor of accounts teacher for three years
  • Worked in university as accounts professor for seven years
  • Successfully completed almost Eight hundred assignments for seven years

Professional Skills

  • Used logical reasoning to identify the strengths and weakness of alternative solutions and approaches to problems
  • Communicated effectively in writing appropriate for needs of audience
  • Selected used training instructional methods and procedures appropriate for needs of audience
  • Understand implications of new information both current solving and decision making
  • Monitored individuals, organizations to make improvements to take correct action
  • Determined system analysis including changes in condition, operations and outcomes
  • Managed personal resources , developed and directed people and identified best for the job
  • Knowledge of accounting principles, practices, financial markets, banking analysis
  • Ability to assessed customer needs, meeting quality standards of services
  • Knowledge of administrative procedures and systems such as managing files and records
  • Developed own ways of doing things and depending on oneself to get things done


  • Surfing on Internet
  • Reading Books
  • Swimming
  • Shopping

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