SUPPLY CHAIN MANAGEMENT: NIKE

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Table of Contents

Introduction. 2

Overview of the company or organization. 3

Analysis of the supply chain and related operating-level processes. 7

Proposals and justifications for change. 8

Critical success factors, risks, and cost drivers. 10

Impacts on the operations management of the organization. 11

Conclusion. 12

References. 13



Supply chain management is systematic and the key coordination management for the supply of fundamental merchandise and items to the end users or customers. Or on the other hand, we can say that practice of delivering goods or items to the customers or clients and the association's endeavors are clearly reflected, this is called supply chain management. The primary goal of the SCM is to make total assets, assemble focused framework, synchronize the supply of products, measure execution on a worldwide scale, and exploit logistics, and so forth over the globe.

Today most worldwide organizations are hunting down production centers where work and raw material costs are cheap and SCM is extremely valuable for associations to contend in the worldwide market and system economy. Different associations require distinctive exercises in which strategic management is required with the end goal that sourcing from distinct places of raw materials and after that from distinct places these completed products are gone through various series of the distribution network in which Retailers, merchants, and end clients are included.

Nike used to enjoy a solid brand, very much managed logistics process, and a convincing product advertising. Although, with better competitive participants and better administration and authority times, and even with the fashion brands going into their market space, supply chain magnificence has been expanded over the most recent couple of years, and considered it to be an aggressive weapon. In meeting the primary goal of enhancing consumer loyalty, this supply chain change concentrates on the client - meeting client item prerequisites, enhancing client connections, enhancing the asked for dispersion.


            Overview of the company or organization

Nike is one of the biggest and most recognizable shoes and apparels organizations on the planet today. Established in 1964 as the Blue Ribbon Sports, the organization's founder Phil Knight, an Oregon track competitor, and his mentor Bill Bowman began offering Japanese running shoes from behind their cars. Following a couple of years of beneficial sales numbers, Blue Ribbon Sports opened its first retail outlet in Santa Monica, California. At the point when the agreement with Onitsuka Tiger (Japanese organization) finished, Knight chose to begin his own particular footwear line. The organization formally moved toward becoming Nike in 1971 and in June of that year, Nike began utilizing the lofty shoe logo which was designed by Carolyn Davidson. (O'REILLY, 2014)

By the year 1980, Nike had secured half of the market shares of sports footwear in the United States and in December of that year, it became public on the New York Stock Exchange stage, with the help of its marketing partners, the Wieden & Kennedy Company. Wieden & Kennedy’s co-founder Dan Widen proposed the trademark or slogan "Just Do It" for the ad of 1998, and the motto was later given the name of one of the top five advertisement mottos of the twentieth century.

By 31 May 2016, the organization concentrated its Nike brand item offerings into nine classes: Running, Action Sports, Men’s Training, Woman Training, Nike Basketball, Sportswear, Jordan Brand, (Soccer) and Golf. Men's training incorporates its baseball and American football item offerings. The organization additionally markets the items intended for kids, and other athletic and recreational uses, for example, cricket, volleyball, wrestling, tennis, lacrosse, strolling and open-air exercises. Athletic footwear items of the Organization are mainly intended for particular athletic use. Its items are additionally worn for causal or recreation purposes. The organization offers sports clothing Organization also market clothing with authorized school and expert group and association logo.  (Carr, 2013)

Nike's fundamental business is athletic or sports shoe industry. The organization began as a mobile shoemaker, however now incorporates Olympic style events, baseball, tennis, soccer, lacrosse, b-ball, football, contender sports, golf, cycling, volleyball, wrestling, cheerleading, aquatics, auto hustling, and cricket. Nike has a line of ice skates for some lines of hockey players and skateboarding shoes. On the off chance that a client is searching for some sort of athletic shoes, at that point, Nike is well on the way to satisfy the prerequisite, in light of the fact that the organization needs to give answers for any and each player. (Bengtson, 2016)

From a residential area in Oregon, Nike has turned into the world's biggest athletic shoes and clothing organization. They began with a shoe and T-shirt today, they are a complex and diversified worldwide association:

  • Nike offers their items in 170 nations.
  • Today Nike has around 30,000 workers around the world
  • Nike has lots of brands that used to serve more than 30 primary games and lifestyle of the consumer.
  • Nike work with 600+ manufacturing plant as a partner.
  • Nike serves a huge number of consumers with a huge number of products.

From the starting point, their plan of action was based on partnerships - competitors, teams, retailers, producers and supply chain suppliers. They used to work with the best on the planet. Also, they do it for a sole reason - to take into account the needs of their worldwide shoppers.  

In addition to shoes and spikes, Nike likewise creates diverse lines of apparel. Nike has distinctive sorts of athletic outfits for men, ladies, and youth, from training gears to pullovers to protective gadgets. (Earnest, 2002)

The organization additionally delivered top, protective helmets, bats, gloves, and swim-wear and celebrity apparels. Recently, Nike has started creating wearable innovation, for example, wristbands to screen the heart rate. Nike has additionally joined forces with Apple to make a downloadable application. Nike tries to improve the dress business and endeavor to address the issues of players.

The right advancement isn't simply new and unique. No one improves the situation like Nike. In any case, they realize that they cannot bless themselves as an inventive - the consumers, in the end, choose for themselves. This is the reason Nike use to invest such a great amount of energy with competitors and customers - tuning in, analyzing, reading and after that building item that improves athletic execution and overall buyer experience. (Krentzman, 2007)

There are many powers Nike has possessed the capacity to use to its advantage in the course of the most recent quite a long while. Maybe Nike is playing the most critical power for the organization, which is a worldwide brand mindfulness that the organization has made. The Nike "subsistence" logo is a standout amongst the most perceived individuals on the planet and, albeit straightforward, simple to be recognized. The logo can be found over the world, alongside different kinds of commercials, boards, ads, and so on. And also it can be found in all Nike items too. Nike is really a worldwide organization and marking numerous support bargains for some, competitors have expanded their brand mindfulness. In spite of the fact that these help arrangements can be expensive, they serve to advance brand mindfulness by achieving a portion of the world's biggest games group of onlookers. Some prominent competitors with Nike Endorsement bargains incorporate Cristiano Ronaldo, LeBron James, Tiger Woods, Maria Sharapova and Derek Jeter Michael Jordan has been named the most significant in all games, which achieves $ 60 million from the Nike through Jordan's eminences of its line of b-ball shoes in a year. (Nisen, 2013)

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Analysis of the supply chain and related operating-level processes

Looking at the future needs of the supply chain management meeting, the primary routes are through virtual associations. These will be founded on intelligent capital-brand, innovation, new item improvement, new channel techniques with which operation exercises will be outsourced widely. The result will be the development of supply chain specialists. We as of now observe the rise of such ideas. Nike sells up to athletic shoes worth $9 billion, yearly, with none of the production lines without owning itself, without reducing the cost of inventory to reduce performance and reduce opening. Concentrating on real point-of-sale demand, the procedures behind the retail shelf are being changed to accomplish the identical flow of the item over the supply chain. Request planning methods have been changed from the retail point of view once more, and "retail reality” is incorporated into item design. (Cooper, Lambert, & Pagh, 1997)

Their delivery guide incorporates a playbook of prioritized activities with official sponsorship, including Demand/Supply Match, Improve Sale List Accuracy, Organize Delivery Center Operations, and enhance forms all inclusive. They also have additionally made an administration board that decides methodologies, organizes activities and runs extensive execution in light of standardized procedures and stages.

Rather than utilizing third party or partnered logistics suppliers to operate their supply of products, the organization utilizes suppliers in all houses to keep the communication line between the system supplier and the Nike SAP framework more strong and noticeable. Nike's logistical supply is now being complicated, the exact opposite thing the organization needs is a mediator who can make things considerably more complicated. The manner by which their procedure has been set up, it is the thing that makes Nike the best for the higher management. However, Nike's logistical supply requires the correct administration incentive to succeed in their business endeavors.

Proposals and justifications for change

Additionally Nike's prime logistics operations, the organization emphasized on decreasing carbon emissions inside its logistical procedures. With regards to making decisions about Nike's logistic flow, the force of carbon emission inside their work is an exceptionally powerful factor. Inbound logistics for Nike presently contribute 23 percent of Nike's impact. Considering business driven delivery decisions on optimizing expenses and lessening waste, the organization has possessed the capacity to reduce the carbon emissions from a recent couple of years (inbound). Utilizing better types of transport empowers Nike to reduce emissions by clever transportation. Through Nike Optimization of Shipping Container Use, U.S. Inbound/outbound delivery aggregate has seen funds of more than $ 8.2 million over the most recent couple of years. This includes unnecessary trips and air inbound. Alongside this, it is said that it is protected to state that the Nike organization is always enhancing and taking measures to better serve the interests of the clients and the earth.

Regarding Outbound Logistics of Nike, the organization intends to decrease the volume while expanding the speed. Nike is always focused around building up a smarter solution for its logistics operation and actualizing new thoughts so its principle destinations of not having the capacity to explore in the vacant amount can be accomplished and not have any desire to deliver more than it is necessary. To accomplish this, the organization has begun to coordinate near-shoring. But in the past, Nike has outsourced to a place where work was cheap, now because of the advancement of innovation, the organization has begun utilizing shoring near its advantage. The total flow of Nike guarantees reliable satisfaction of its shopper demand with its assembling base, while also overseeing and enhancing its value chain inside its operations.

Following are the proposals:

  • Organizing basic audit.
  • Creating a Corporate Responsibility and Compliance Partition.
  • Assigning field managers.
  • The establishment of a global database.
  • Start external expert review.

This monitoring and enforcement instrument will make certainty internally, which is necessary before the listing is issued. Nike should change this remarkable response in a phenomenal marketing opportunity for its supply chain crisis, raising intensity risks identified with the revelation of the factory. As a proof of its new sense of duty regarding labor practices, they need to promote their new transparency. Indeed, the organization should change its full exposure to the clothing industries in an identification of respect. (Chandra & Kumar, 2000)

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Critical success factors, risks, and cost drivers

Moreover, strong, Nike's supply chain and logistical supply can be compromised off because of many components. The largest area where Nike is likely to be most affected on the supply chain, is mainly in manufacturing because they do not have their own units.

Since they don't have their own particular manufacturing plants, so there is a little inspection of Nike about how to run these production lines. Along these lines, Nike runs the risks of small problems sneaking past splits and after that turns out to be costly over the long term when dramatic changes in the supply chain are without prior notice. For an instance, if a processing plant isn't put on a specific security standard, it can keep running for quite a while with no issue before the fire or there might be a day exploding because of safety guidelines. This can constrain assembling to be closed down and Nike may need to suffer inventory loss, and unable to take care of the demand of the client until the point when the production line is remade or replaced. Likewise, more Nike items are made intriguing, particularly in China, Vietnam, and Indonesia, Which implies that drastically changing the assembling part of Nike’s supply chain on various kinds of issues of those nations can be significantly changed. For instance, in every one of those three nations, the political condition is more unpredictable than the US. This implies there is a possibility of more agitation and more chances of riots. With this, production lines can be closed down or the laborers might be notable work

Producers need to locate the new point of view on the difficulties in their supply chains since they continually change. Expanding costs for work and logistics, fluctuations in physical expenses and accessibility, and changing the desires of the shopper and in the quick pace of advancement are factors that make supply chains more complex. Nike Athletic footwear holds roughly 37% of the market, with Adidas being the following strongest contender, with around 30% of Reebok on the planet's athletic shoe showcase. Nike comprehends to profit, with the mindset that you need to burn through cash, they go to the U.S. every year. Spends around $ 200 million on promoting.

Impacts on the operations management of the organization

An efficient supply chain monitoring framework can help solving the most noticeably awful practices. Moreover, this system is key to adopting more transparency. In the event that you don't know about it, you cannot settle it.

A protective methodology isn't a really long haul approach. Organizations are experiencing difficulty avoiding the media and they ought to replace defensiveness which utilizes code monitoring and authorization - lastly full disclosure - for their advantage.


Nike is a standout amongst the best organizations on the planet, which is over three decades. Their solid sense of duty regarding influencing the client to esteem, while concentrating individually assembling and conveyance forms, has made them the most creative organizations in the business and enabled them to overwhelming market share. With a solid concentrate on the advancement and change of economic and financially savvy supply chain arrangements, Nike will remain an effective organization for quite a long time to come.

Nike is concentrating on working with long haul, vital providers, which shows a promise to protect its specialists, safe working conditions, and ecological duty. They are the competitors who meet all the item prerequisites and give solid motivations to enhance their ecological and work execution. Alongside these objectives and goals, Nike trusts that they can remain in front of their rivals later on.



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