International marketing


Task - Utilise the library ,the internet and any information made available by the organisation ( e.g the annual report ,promotional materials) to provide an analysis of the organisation's current approach to market segmentation ,targeting and postioning .



The purpose of this assignment is to explore marketing policies of Chopped, a food outlet based in Dublin, Ireland with an objective to develop secondary information on marketing as a whole. The work presented throughout is findings on how “Chopped” market its food products by segmenting their target market and undertaking effective targeting and positioning strategy to sell their food products. It is a research work and at the end references are provided to validate the points put throughout the assignment.


Chopped produces nutritious fast foods for the inhabitants of Dublin, Ireland it has 24 outlets across Ireland where the fast food savvy consumers can savor delicious food items of various veg. and non-veg categories without having to worry about health issues that come with consumption of fast foods. It came into existence in the year 2012, when its founder friends sensed the need to come up with quality fast foods which also conforms to health standards. The people of Dublin had become strictly health conscious and selective with what they consumed to avoid getting obese and other disorder such as diabetes, heart ailments etc. The founders, Bryan and Andy sensed that although people of Dublin were health conscious because of growing Obesity Epidemic which remains the main concern of the people of Ireland, the consumers still found it difficult to contain love for tasty foods. Sensing a great market for fast foods aligning with health requirements, they came up with the idea of Chopped where every food items are prepared from fresh ingredients that also comes with proper calorie content. Bryan and Andy came up with Chopped food products after rigorous research of best and proven international practice in providing training and nutrition (Chopped, 2016).

Chopped is now widely regarded as one of the best food outlets across Ireland providing gluten and dairy free food. Presently the queues at Chopped during lunch time shows how well the concept is received by food savvy mass of Ireland quenching their fast food thirst with delicious grilled chicken, chopped sea foods, alongside vegetarian stuffs like grated carrot. Variety of teas and juices are of landmark qualities providing great taste and refreshments.

Let us now explore the marketing policies of Chopped which was effectively implemented to take the concept into the mind of the common people od Ireland (Tripadvisor, 2016).

Marketing Policies Of Chopped

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The idea of Chopped was definitely a great one but any effective business idea must be complimented with proper marketing strategies and policies to create awareness among the consumers so that the product becomes a success story and the business objectives and goals are successfully accomplished. Chopped segmented their target markets effectively and accordingly undertook effective targeting and positioning strategy to bring consumers to their outlets and the results are there to be seen where outlets of Chopped remain heavily queued during meal times and holidays. At present Chopped is looking to expand its nutritious fast food markets to other countries and contemplating launch in several countries (Chopped, 2016).

The main targets of Chopped food products were the health conscious people of Ireland who were unable to control their desire for fast foods. Beside it is not worth mentioning that almost every people in Ireland are health conscious and that implies that the Chopped products were for every people. But Chopped had to segment their market for proper targeting and positioning of their products.
Market Segmentation is about identifying a broader Market and dividing the consumers of that market into different portions having varieties of choice, preferences, income, age group, etc. and then designing different category of product or services to suit every group’s particular needs. The segmentation is a need for every product plan as it helps the firm to reach every group or level of consumers having varieties of income, preferences, choice, and age group. Segmentation also plays a greater role in building brand image. Food Companies have to cater a variety of consumers belonging to different age group, preferences, choice and disposable income. For office-goers, the recipe for lunch has to be different than those venturing out with families. Likewise, Students, couples also prefer different varieties of food (Wedel, 2000).
Let us know look into the segmentation criteria for Chopped in Dublin.


Since Chopped offers variety of fast foods ranging from veg. to non-veg category, the proper segmentation has to be done to reach every customers belonging to different groups. The veg category includes variety of green salads produced from the finest and fresh quality of vegetables available in the market. The quality of veg. sandwiches provided by Chopped in terms of taste and health standards speaks volumes. Further in the veg. category, food items such as Grated Carrot are its unique successful endeavor to provide range of food items for its veg. loving customers. In the Juice and beverage category, items such as Strawberry Supreme and Honey Supreme and Berry Punch are trademark produces of Chopped. The varieties in tea and coffee also makes Chopped a can’t avoid destination for food loving people.
In the non-veg category Grilled Chicken, Pulled Chicken Chippotle, Chopped sea foods, Walnut and Goat cheese consumed by non-veg cum health- conscious consumers. It also has a breakfast menu where food produces are specially designed for quick consumption.

The segmentation are as follows.
For vegan body builders, Chopped recognized products such as Grated Carrots, Brown Rice, Sweet Potato, Organic Tofu etc.
For office goers Chopped recognized and provided various categories of food products such as Chopped Omelet Breakfast wrap, Bacon Tomato and Herbs etc. This has been done keeping in mind that the office goers need to finish their breakfast quickly and they also come at a reasonable price. Non-veg delicious items such as Grilled Chicken are also loved by office-goers.
The varieties of Grilled Chicken and other non-products are for those customers who believes in non-veg maintenance of health. These customers simply cannot control their cravings for non-veg stuffs. The Chopped non-veg items produced under the guidance of dietician and nutritionist.
For Students
Products like Green Salads, Sandwiches, Butter omelet, can be categorized for students who generally have limited pocket size.


After proper segmentation initiatives must be undertaken to target the specific groups and create awareness among consumers to bring them over the table of outlets. The targeting enables a firm to design products according to the specific needs of customers (Cadario, 2015). 
Chopped segmented their various products and designed their products accordingly for variety of customers involving office goers, non-veg lovers, vegan body builders and students. As students preferred foods which are relatively cheaper because of their limited pocket size food products such as Sandwiches, Butter omelet, and Turkish potato were prepared keeping them in mind. For office-goers food products which are consumed easy and fast such as Chopped Omelet Breakfast, Green salads, Bacon tomato were prepared keeping in mind that breakfast for them has to finished fast. Food items for non-veg lovers and body builders were accordingly prepared focusing them. Stuffs like grilled chicken and other costly foods were designed for business class and families who venture out for eating together.


Product positioning is communicating the attributes of products to its target customer. It involves various channels of communication such as billboards, advertising, printing of brochures and leaflets, etc. The punch line of product positioning plays a significant role in making an impact on consumers' mind. Product positioning may be different for different groups of consumers (Ali, 2015).

Chopped positioned their products among the various categories of consumers through their effective policy of positioning and reached consumers. They recognized that although students pocket size was limited they were more health conscious and the upcoming business prospects as later they would be in a position to consume every varieties of foods. They organized seminars creating awareness of health related issues and importance of healthy foods at colleges and universities. Various billboards were erected at parks and outside gymkhanas to position food products designed for body builders. Parks and shopping malls were full of distributing hand-bills to target families and flexes were put nearby outside companies to position Chopped products designed for office-goers (Chopped, 2016). 

Let us know look at how freshly marinated grilled chicken was positioned for office goers.The flex reading the following message was erected to have some impact on the mind of office goers.Feel fresh before you reach home with freshly marinated grilled chicken. This created sense in the mind of office goers that Grilled Chicken is the best item to have while discussing office issues before leaving for home or relishing some office accomplishments.


Marketing strategies and policies play an important role in taking the product to its final destination i.e. consumers. Strategies also involves coming up with effective marketing mix where every attributes complement with each other and the study of marketing policies of Chopped shows that innovation in product line does not guarantee success if marketing strategies are not effectively employed. Chopped endeavor shows that constant research in product development and marketing is the criteria for business success. Creation of awareness of a new concept influences consumers buying pattern and behavior. Constant update and changes in policies also may be required to bring about desired results which organizations have to take from time to time. 


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