Human Resource in Health Care Industry


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The entire study will revolve around contrasting and comparing the benefit and cost of the “Cesarean section” with the “Normal delivery”. It has been greatly observed and witnessed that the cesarean section is much safer than normal delivery. Earlier women used to have normal delivery as there were fewer medical enhancements and also there were some of the traditional myths. The cesarean section has gained a lot of popularity in recent times because most of the vaginal birth leads to the death of the mother and the child. On the other hand, a woman has an alternative choice that has been only possible for modern technology. 


Human Resource in Health care Industry

Human resource plays an important role in the healthcare industry to a great extent. 
In recent times, the first choice of anyone for having a baby is the cesarean section because of the enormous benefits that can be received by having a cesarean section. Mainly the cesarean section is delivering the baby via a surgical incision in the uterus and abdomen of the matter. It has been noticed that in some of the situations the cesarean section is generally scheduled in advance. On the contrary, the surgery is required because of an unforeseen complication in the body of a mother (Gregory and et al, 2012). However, the normal delivery completely depends on the body condition of a mother. It has been also noticed that the recovery time taken by the mother after a normal delivery is quite lesser than the cesarean section. Furthermore, the normal delivery will not at all involve major scarring or incision and it is also not very surgically obstructive. 
Arguably, the chances of developing any type of complications at the time of giving birth to the child are quite lower in the normal delivery most of the time. As per some of the leading researchers and researches across the globe it has been revealed that the mothers who choose to have a normal delivery over the cesarean section have a lower mortality risk. Some of the advantages and contrasting cesarean section with the normal delivery will be outlined in the following section. Firstly, the planned cesarean sections tend to be more convenient and easy for the mothers than in case of the normal delivery. The only reason is the delivery date of the baby remains scheduled so the mother normally has less anxiety and stress about it whereas in case of the normal delivery everything remains uncertain. Secondly, the mothers also tend to feel in a lot of control as they know the exact/approximate date when their baby will be born so that they can plan their work accordingly. In case of the normal delivery, the mothers are not aware of when their child's birth will take place so they cannot concentrate on any other work if they have a normal delivery. Thirdly, the normal delivery is quite complicated so a lot of unforeseen complications can take place during the labor as well as during delivering the child that may include the maternal hemorrhaging whereas in case of the cesarean section reduces the risk towards the postpartum hemorrhage (Cho and Norman, 2013). Fourthly, it has been observed that in most of the cases of the normal delivery the mother has the high risk of perineal tearing by delivering their baby via the vagina. It can also change from the normal tears to the fourth-degree lacerations that tend to tear into the rectum of the mother. 
Contrasting it with the cesarean section it has low risks of complications that include accidental injury, infection and the lacerations to the baby. Fifthly, if a woman has a sexually transmitted in their body then the baby is not at all at risk as by cesarean section reduces the possible risks of infecting the baby. In case of the normal delivery, the baby generally has a risk of getting infected from the mother (Rahnama, Mohammadi and Montazeri, 2015). Sixthly, the risk of pelvic injury is also reduced to a great extent for the women who have the cesarean sections. The urinary leaks are also lower in cesarean section than the normal delivery.  In case of the normal delivery, it has been noticed that the mothers generally have high urine leaks. On the other hand, when the cesarean section is compared with the normal delivery there are certain factors that affect the all total cost. However, it depends on certain factors: the geographic location- it has been witnessed that having a baby in the south is quite inexpensive than having a baby in the northeast. 
It can be said that if an individual has insurance then the childbirth with regards to the cesarean section is less costly. On the other hand, depending upon the coverage of insurance the normal delivery can cost between the $450 to $2500. However, depending on the cost both cesarean as well as the normal delivery may be charged accordingly. Relatively, the normal delivery is less costly than the cesarean section. Furthermore, performing a cesarean section requires a lot of time and also additional medications, as well as costly anesthesia so the cost of the childbirth increases in case of the cesarean section (Caughey and et al, 2014).  After conducting the entire study it can be concluded that no matter what cesarean section is far better than the normal delivery as compared to the risk associated with the normal delivery is much more than the cesarean section. 

Principles of health economics

The health economics is mainly used for analyzing various issues with regards to the health of an individual. Additionally, different principles of health economics will be discussed in the entire study for interpreting the health and healthcare. 
Scarcity, Production, Opportunity Cost of Health and the Care Resources
It has been noticed that the production process generally needs resources such as, raw materials and labor so that the particular resources can be converted into the final services. Moreover, it has been observed that the scarcity of the choices and resources should be made in a careful manner.  It has been also witnessed that in an economy the resources for the health care are not at all adequate. The financial cost is mainly used for calculating the opportunity cost with regards to the some of the cases. It can be concluded from the above-mentioned discussion that it is quite vital to fulfill the client’s needs by utilizing the resources in an optimum way.
Supply, Markets and Demand for Health Care 
The analysis of the entire economy is completely done via the theory of price. It has been observed that customers will avail the services of medication more if the prices are low but the suppliers would love to sell the medications more if the prices are quite high for maximizing their profits to a great extent. Moreover, it has been also researched that the health economy tends to be quite complicated in nature  and the theory of price can be assumed as not only the model but it is reality’s correct prescription. It has been also learnt that contrasting heath with healthcare it has been noticed that the health is peculiar in nature because of its attributes. 
The principle of margin
The health economics is generally analyzed by the principle of margin to a great extent. The hospitals tend to have the average cost of per patient with regards to the inpatient that can be used further for calculating the average cost on a day-to-day basis. The marginal benefit can be defined as the extra benefit that is achieved by consuming one extra unit of the service. 
Criticizing the importance of considering the complex nature of healthcare and health
The critique for importance considering the complicated nature of health and healthcare while judging the principles of economy with regards to the healthcare delivery are like the individuals are greatly victimized to the firms of the network of healthcare and the health insurance. It has been noticed that from the principles of economy that the customers and the suppliers avail and tends to offer services depending upon the prices are quite high and the customer will only avail the services if they think it is low. Hence, the nature of health and healthcare is made quite complex by the people belonging to the healthcare segment.


The entire study is completely based on the cesarean section and the normal delivery. It can be concluded after the entire study that cesarean section is better than the normal delivery because of so many reasons. It is less complicated than the normal delivery and moreover, it is one of the safest options as it has been already noticed that during the normal delivery the mother and child both possess a lot of risks. However, cesarean section is most of the time used to save the baby and the mother. The cost completely depends on the complexity with regards to the cesarean section.


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