Anderson Elly

Expert of Economics with rating 4.5


Done my PhD in Economics from University of New England. I have worked  in secondary school as economics teacher for four years and in university as economics professor for seven years. 

Areas of Expert

  • Strategic Planning
  • Economic Impact
  • Data of Economic
  • Theory of Economics
  • Concepts

Occupation/ Designation

  • Working with as freelancer for two years
  • Working as online tutor of economics for three years
  • Working in university as economics professor for seven years
  • Worked in secondary school as economics teacher for four years
  • Successfully completed almost twenty one hundred assignments within the given deadline

Professional Skills

  • Prepared lectures, exercises and field experiments which serve as basis for grading exams and papers of individual
  • Ability of curriculum activities and helped them to analyzed economic issues
  • Trained students to think like an economist, logically and rationally
  • Ability to teach students about logical structure of economic theories and expected to acquire skills
  • Required to understand features and implications as most efficient market structure
  • Helped in drawing those elements of strategic importance for understanding how things actually works
  • Abled to understand the sequence or cause and effect of economic events
  • Enabled candidates to compare their own economic structure with other areas of world
  • Enabled students to distinguish between positive and normative economics
  • Played important role in promoting international cooperation’s and mutual understanding because of its focus and global issues


  • Cooking
  • Playing Cricket
  • Surfing on Net
  • Trekking

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