Appropriate Vehicle Environmental and Economic Development


Key Topics

Critically discuss the "The events industry is an effective and appropriate vehicle for the social, cultural, environmental and economic development of a city or region."


In today world one of the fastest growing industries is the event industry. Any public gathering of people which serve a particular purpose is called as an event. Any event which is organized by someone or a group of people serves a purpose (Hill, 2016). Events are organized or planned to meet the intended purpose. There are three major sectors of event industry such as sport, meeting, and culture/music/arts. There are several examples of events which are organized around us such as festivals, job fair, conference related to business, religious gathering, sports program, etc. An event also shows the culture and tradition of the region where it is organized (Hill, 2016). An event is the picture of the overall culture of the local region.
The people gathered in event shows their beliefs, values, traditions, etc. Such types of events are called as social events. In the same way there are corporate event in which corporate meetings,  , are done to explore the business, cultural events in which cultural festivals and programs are celebrated, community association in which people gather to raise any issue, to make people aware of anything, education event in which educational program such as job fair, college events, annual sports, picnic and holidays are celebrated, special interest group events in which sports, as well as entertainment program, is conducted (Van der Wagen and White, 2014). There are several bases of categorizing the events in which one of the important categories is the scale of the event.

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The events are of several types based on their scales such as mega-events, hallmark, community, business, and art events (Muller, 2016). A mega event is unlike the annual event which has a unique one time nature and related to a particular place for example Olympic Games. Hallmark events are major expositions, sporting, cultural, and fairs which have the international status held on a regular basis. Community events are those events which are conducted by the general people on public property with the intention to block the access to the public property. Art event is consisting of poetry, dance, music, painting, and theatre (Muller, 2016). 
The event industry has gained one of the major places in our everyday life throughout the years. The history of the event is very old. The early communities also enjoyed social and cultural events. They celebrated festivals. But the events of early communities were not organized and planned. With the passage of time events industry developed at a very rapid rate. Now events are organized and planned (Getz and Page, 2016). The events do not only show the culture and tradition of the community but also helps in building the region and nation. The event helps the economy of the country to grow and develop. Now event industry plays a very significant role in developing the nation as it has been rightly stating that the event industry is a very effective as well as an appropriate vehicle for the cultural, economic, social, and environmental development of a region or nation.
The events industry is very significant for the contemporary society. As it has been stated that event does not show the culture and tradition of the community but also helps in developing the community, the event is an approach to approach the right path for the sustainable growth of the contemporary society (Getz and Page, 2016). The events apart from non-profit events generate huge money for the local community which can be spent on the development of the community. Events help the community to raise the voice or issues of the community before the political parties to make developmental changes in the community for the betterment of the people of the society. Events also help in making people aware of several things such as AIDS, cancer, and other dangerous diseases (Getz, 2014). Events also help in making people aware of their fundamental rights such as voting rights,  , and access to education, access to clean water and sanitation, etc. Therefore, it can be said that events are very important for the contemporary society. 
Events and tourism events are very important from the economic, social, as well as environmental point of view. Events and tourism events bring many developmental changes in the context of economic, social and environmental. Tourism is one of the major drivers of the events. The tourism sector is growing at a very rapid rate all over the globe. Undoubtedly several special events have boosted the events industry as well as the tourism values. Due to this, great attention has been given to the economic, social and environmental development of the country (Getz and page, 2016). For example, sports are one of the major events in the country which boosts tourism as well in the country. Sports program at the national level requires infrastructure development such as roads and building sports complex. It attracts thousands of tourists to watch the sports game which generates handsome amount of money which can be used to further development of the community.
Educational events are also very important from the economic, social, and environmental point of view. Educational events such as job fair provide jobs to the youth of the nation which ultimately helps in developing the economy of the nation. Educational events also help in generating huge money. This money can be used for the development of the education institute of the nation. Education is one of the important pillars of the country which should be very strong. Educational events also raise concern for the environment (Getz, 2014). Educational programs help in making aware of the environmental condition and state the people that how the condition of environment could be improved. Educational events focus on the education of children especially girl child which ultimately help in building the nation. 
Social events such as wedding, anniversaries, social gathering, get together, charitable trust, etc. also very important for the growth and development of the community. Social events largely show the cultural values of the community. Social events help in bringing social changes in the community such as the abolition of bad practices in the community and adoption of good practices in the community. Social events such as get together and social gathering help in making people aware of various issues such as AIDS and cancer. A social event such as charitable trust is one of the most effective social welfare programs which aims at providing financial assistance to the needy people of the society (Getz, 2014). Charitable trusts are focused on the upliftment of the weaker section of the society by providing medical assistance, educational assistance and many more to the weaker section of the society. Therefore, it can be said that events and tourism events are very important factors for the economic, social, and environmental development of the region and the nation. It helps in the growth and development of the community and nation. 


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