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university of southern california Operations And Supply Chain Management Assignment Help - Managerial Accounting

Question - Kimm Company has gathered the following information about its product.

Direct materials: Each unit of product contains 4.40 pounds of materials. The average waste and
spoilage per unit produced under normal conditions is 0.20 pounds. Materials cost $3 per pound, but
Kimm always takes the 3.65% cash discount all of its suppliers offer. Freight costs average $0.27 per

Direct labor. Each unit requires 1.30 hours of labor. Setup, cleanup, and downtime average 0.18
hours per unit. The average hourly pay rate of Kimm%u2019s employees is $13.30. Payroll taxes and
fringe benefits are an additional $2.70 per hour.

Manufacturing overhead. Overhead is applied at a rate of $6.00 per direct labor hour.

Compute Kimm%u2019s total s ...Read More

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