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University Of North Carolina At Charlotte Operations And Supply Chain Management Assignment Help - conventional and unconventional

Question - 1. Because Shane wants to make people laugh, he'll find clever ways to contrast
A. factual and consequential realities.
B. factual and conventional realities.
C. true and false realities.
D. conventional and unconventional realities.
2. W ith regard to problems generated by bureaucracies, _______ refers to the rule of the many by the
A. oligarchy
B. inertia
C. alienation
D. ritualism
3. The German sociologist Georg Simmel would agree most with which of the following statements
A. A network is a web of relatively weak relationships.
B. In-groups tend to identify out-groups.
C. The smallest social group is the dyad.
D. Members of large groups turn to fellow group members to form interpersonal relationships.
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