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University Of California, Davis Operations And Supply Chain Management Assignment Help - Operations Research

Question - the book is named a ( Introduction to operations research)
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AMTH501 Assignment 1 Due: 24th of November, 2013 Question 1 For each of the following
constraints, draw a separate graph to show the non-negative solutions that satisfy this constraint. 1.
x1 + 3x2 6 2. 4x1 + 3x2 12 3. 4x1 + x2 8 4. Combine these constraints into a single graph to show the
feasible region for the entire set of functional constraints plus non-negativity constraints. Question 2
Given the following objective function for a linear programming model maxZ = 2x1 + 3x2 1. Draw a
graph that shows the corresponding objective function lines for Z = 6, Z = 12, and Z = 18. 2. Find the
slope-intercept form of the equation for each of these three object ...Read More

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