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The University Of Texas At Austin Operations And Supply Chain Management Assignment Help - Multiple-Choice

Question - Multiple-Choice Questions
1. Capital investments should
a. Earn back their original capital outlay.
b. Only be analyzed using the ARR.
c. Always produce an increase in market share.
d. Always be done using a payback criterion.
e. Do none of the above.
2. To make a capital investment decision, a manager must
a. Estimate the quantity and timing of cash flows.
b. Assess the risk of the investment.
c. Consider the impact of the investment on the firm’s profits.
d. Select investments with a positive NPV.
e. Do all of the above.
3. Mutually exclusive capital budgeting projects are those that
a. If accepted or rejected do not affect the cash flows of other projects.
b. If accepted will produce a negative NPV.
c. If accepted ...Read More

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