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San Diego State University Operations And Supply Chain Management Assignment Help - Time series

Question - Refer again to the gasoline sales time series data in Table.
a. Use a weight of 1/2 for the most recent observation, 1/3 for the second most recent, and 1/6 for the
third most recent to compute a three-week weighted moving average for the time series.
b. Compute the MSE for the weighted moving average in part (a). Do you prefer this weighted moving
average to the unweighted moving average? Remember that the MSE for the unweighted moving
average is 10.22.
c. Suppose that you are allowed to choose any weights as long as they sum to 1. Could you always
find a set of weights that would make the MSE smaller for a weighted moving average than for an
unweighted moving average? Why or why not?
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