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San Diego State University Operations And Supply Chain Management Assignment Help - Probability

Question - 1. " Absences" are the people with reservations who fail to arrive. The following table shows the number of
absences each day at a hotel over the last 125 business days.

Absences Frequency
0 61
1 35
2 10
3 12
4 7
What is the probability that there will be more than on absence today?

2. According to historical information. 77% of husband-wife families with kids under 18 years old have life
insurance. A random sample of six husband-wife families was selected. What is the probability that exactly four
families have life insurance?

3. According to the Insurance Data Bank, 14% of U.S. drivers are uninsured. A random sample of seven drivers
was selected. What is the mean of this distribution?

4. According to the Insurance Da ...Read More

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