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San Diego State University Operations And Supply Chain Management Assignment Help - Marginals

Question - A delivery truck travels from point A to point B and back using the same route each clay there are four
traffic lights on the route. Let Xi denote the number of red lights the truck encounters going from A to
B and X2 denote the number encountered on the return trip. Data collected over a long period
suggest that the given joint probability distribution for (X1, X2) is given by
(a) Give the marginal density of X1.
(b) Give the marginal density of X2.
(c) Give the conditional density distribution of X1 given X2 = 3.
(d) Give E(X1).
(e)) Give E(X2).
(f) Give E(X1|X2 = 3).
(g) Give the standard deviation ofX1.

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