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San Diego State University Operations And Supply Chain Management Assignment Help - Agreements

Question - Multiple Choice. Choose the best answer.
1. An often used approach to budgeting that simply derives the new year’s bud get from the current
year’s budget is called:
a. Planning-programming-budgeting.
b. Incremental budgeting.
c. Zero-based budgeting.
d. Performance budgeting.
2. W hich of the following steps would not usually be part of the budgeting process?
a. Heads of operating departments prepare budget requests.
b. Budget officer and other central administrators review and make adjustments to departmental
c. One or more public budget hearings are held.
d. The chief executive (mayor or city manager, as appropriate) formally adopts the budget, thus giving
it the force of law.
3. The budgeting princip ...Read More

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