Elmira Perry

Expert of Management with rating 4.2


Done MCA in Management from Swansea University. I have worked as database executive for two years and at airport as flight reservation system for the nine years. Also working as freelancer with allassignmenthelp. 

Areas of Expertise

  • Database Management System
  • Knowledge of Database
  • Making of Reports, Tables
  • Database Models
  • Online Interactions

Occupational/ Designation

  • Working with AllAssignmenthelp.com as freelancer for two years
  • Working at airport in flight reservation system for the last nine years
  • Worked in a company as database executive for two years
  • Working as online tutor of college students for last three years
  • Successfully completed almost one thousand assignments within the given deadline 

Professional Skills

  • Supported internal operations of organizations and underpin online interactions with suppliers and customers
  • Coordinated data projects in company including supervising and training staff
  • Participated in the development of orders and simulation driven events
  • Implemented board program designed to thank donors through calls and phones
  • Designed and implemented process for database which is designed to decrease overhead and improved relationships
  • Improved campus facility monitoring by building a solution to identify and drive defective meter repairs
  • Determined best possible methods of organizing data , recording and then implemented  it
  • Trained and managed junior staff in your team and designed and prepared reports for management
  • Trained employees in terms of how to input and extract data


  • Exploring new Places
  • Playing Volleyball
  • Playing Cricket
  • Listening to Music

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