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San Diego State University Operations And Supply Chain Management Assignment Help - Jurnal

Question - Nature's Way, Inc., keeps one of its production facilities busy making a perfume called Essence de la Vache. The perfume goes through two processing departments: Blending and Bottling. The following incomplete Work in Process account is provided for the Blending Department for March: Work in ProcessAf?cAc‚¬"Blending March 1 balance 34,100 Completed and transferred to Bottling (760,000 ounces) ? Materials 141,600 Direct labor 67,200 Overhead 487,000 March 31 balance ? The $34,100 beginning inventory in the Blending Department consisted of the following elements: materials, $8,500; direct labor, $4,400; and overhead applied, $21,200. Costs incurred during March in the Bottling Department were: materia ...Read More

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