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Need Help with University of Phoenix Eco 561 Coursework Week Two Knowledge Check

Question - 1.Purely competitive firms increase total revenue by 
A.increasing production 
B.decreasing production 
C.increasing price 
D.decreasing price 
2.What are two ways for a competitive firm to determine the optimal level of production, 
that is, the level of production that will maximize profit or minimize losses? 
A.Comparing total revenue to total cost or marginal revenue to marginal costs 
B.Comparing average revenue to average costs or marginal revenue to marginal costs 
C.Comparing average variable costs to price or ...Read More

Solution Preview - onceptsMasteryQuestions Marginal Revenue, Marginal Cost, and Production 100yb 1237 Marginal Productivity100yb 456911 Average Total Cost100yb 810 Fixed and Variable Costs100yb 121314 Concept: Marginal Revenue, Marginal Cost, and Production Mastery100ybQuestions1237 1. Purely competitive firms increase total revenue by Correct: The Correct Answer is

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