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Need Help with University of Phoenix Eco 561 Coursework Business Proposal

Question - You will apply economic principles presented in Weeks One through Three in this week's assignment. Your 
assignment will be reviewed by your peers and scanned by your facilitator in week five and should be 
revised as necessary based on feedback as the first part of the final assignment in week six.​ Read the 
Week 5 and Week 6 assignments so you begin with the end in mind. 
Choose a business you have an interest in developing or an existing business you are interested in learning ...Read More

Solution Preview - iaECO/561July, 7, 2014Ronald Merchant Business Proposal for a Party Hostel in PhiladelphiaThe main purpose of this business proposal is to implement an economic analysis of the chosen business and to develop pricing and non-pricing strategies on the basis of an implemented analysis. The chosen business is creating of a Party Hostel in Philadelph

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