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Need Help with MIS6323 Object Oriented Java Assignment

Question -
MIS 6323
Object Oriented Systems
Fall 2011
Homework Four
Q1: Student Application
Create a base class Student that has the following attributes:
Student ID (int),
Student’s name (String),
Student’s address (String), and
letterGrade (char).
Now create classes UnderGradStudent, GradStudent and NonDegreeStudent that inherit from Student. The child classes have the following additional properties
UnderGradStudent - major (String), year (freshman, sophomore, etc), exam1Score (double), exam2Score (double), and exam3Score (double).
GradStudent - department (String), advisor (Person), thesisGrade (char) and examScore (double)
NonDegreeStudent - creditHours (int), assignScore (double) and examScore (double).
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