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Make My Operations Management Assignment and choose Porche as model

Question -
Diploma in Accounting (DACCF) – Full Time (Batch 3)
Operations Management & Value Chain (OMVC)
Continuous Assessment 1
(Individual Assignment) – 15%
(1) Select an existing car manufacturer (eg. Toyota, BMW, Hyundai etc) OR motor bike manufacturer (eg. Yamaha, Harley Davidson, Honda etc) and study into the following three (3) areas of its operations:
Area Question Mark allocation
1 Describe the product design and development process of the selected manufacturer.
5 marks
2 Identify the process strategy used by the manufacturer. Describe the manufacturing processes of making the electronics product. You can illustrate your discussions with the help of pictures/diagrams.
5 marks
3 Discuss five (5) ...Read More

Solution Preview - and Development Process PAGEREF _Toc372502358 \h 2Product Design Process PAGEREF _Toc372502359 \h 2Development Process PAGEREF _Toc372502360 \h 3Process Strategies PAGEREF _Toc372502361 \h 5Four Process Strategies PAGEREF _Toc372502362 \h 6Process Focus PAGEREF _Toc372502363 \h 6Repetitive Focus PAGEREF _Toc372502364 \h 6Product Focus PAGEREF _Toc3

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