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Harvard University Operations And Supply Chain Management Assignment Help - Seawater containing

Question - Seawater containing 3.50 wt % salts passes through a series of 10 evaporators. Roughly equal
quantities of water are vaporized in each of the 10 units and then condensed and combined to obtain
a product stream of fresh water. The brine leaving each evaporator but the tenth is fed to the next
evaporator. The brine leaving the tenth evaporator contains 5.00 wt % salts.
(a) Draw a flowchart of the process showing the first fourth and tenth evaporators. Label all the
streams entering and leaving these three evaporators.
(b) Write in order the set of equations you would solve to determine the fractional yield of fresh water
from the process (kg H2O recovered/kg H2O in process feed) and the weight percent of salt in the
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