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Harvard University Operations And Supply Chain Management Assignment Help - Terephthalic acid

Question - Terephthalic acid (TPA), a raw material in the manufacture of polyester fiber, film, and soft drink
bottles, is synthesized from p-xylene (PX) in the process shown below. A fresh feed of pure liquid PX
combines with a recycle stream containing PX and a solution (S) of a catalyst (a cobalt salt) in a
solvent (methanol). The combined stream, which contains S and PX in a 3:1 mass ratio, is fed to a
reactor in which 90% of the PX is converted to TPA. A stream of air at 25°C and 6.0 atm absolute is
also fed to the reactor. The air bubbles through the liquid and the reaction given above takes place
under the influence of the catalyst. A liquid stream containing un-reacted PX, dissolved TPA and all
the S that entered the reactor goes to ...Read More

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