Ketty Davis

Expert of Medical with rating 4.4


Masters in Science, specialization in medical and neuroscience

Areas of Expertise

  • Synaptic function
  • Developmental Neuroscience
  • Sensory Systems
  • Cognition and Neuro psychology
  • Neuronal


  • Working as freelancer with for three years
  • Worked in a hospital as a technician and attendant for six years
  • Having an experience of three years working as Science teacher of primary classes in school
  • Worked in hospital as trainee for six months
  • Worked as volunteer in Summer Reading Program for two months
  • Working as online tutor of science subject for one year

Professional Skills

  • Managed over 20 assignments of
  • Conducted interviews for the post of senior teacher in school
  • Created media presentations for the Summer Reading Program to inform the people about survey
  • Administered all aspects of care to the patients
  • Identified and reported skin integrity in the patients
  • Responsible for reporting of output functions as well
  • Assisted with discharge and transfer of the patient
  • Held a monthly Science competition that became extremely popular among the students
  • Responsible for creating and administering effective lesson plans for each class
  • Assisted the students with homework and questions and test preparation strategies
  • Used various teaching methods depending upon individual learning styles
  • Demonstrated lessons using video streaming


  • Learning different languages
  • Palm reading
  • Collecting firearms
  • Taking surveys

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