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Do My Database and System Administrator Assignment

Question - Fundamentals of DB2 for z/OS Lab Exercise #1 (With hints) ------------------------- SYSTEM ADMINISTRATION -------------------------- 1)The address spaces for a DB2 for z/OS subsystem are established using started tasks. Locate the started tasks / address spaces for our DB2 subsystem (DB9G). In which order were the address spaces created? Which address space(s) are required? Which address space(s) are optional? The dataset DSN910.NEW.SDSNSAMP contains sample batch jobs used to in-stall DB2 version 9. One of the jobs, DSNTIJUZ, sets the subsystem parameters (DSNZPARMS) and the programming defaults (DSNHDECP). a)How much space is allocated to the EDM pool? b)How many locks can be set concurrently on each tablespace? c)Who is the inst ...Read More

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