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Design a usability study that will enable you identify and quantify the main issues

Question - CS 4393/5153 User Interfaces
Homework 5
Usability Study Designs
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Design a study to evaluate the current interface of http://siphawaii.com. Go to the site, interact with it,
and then design a usability study that will enable you identify and quantify the main issues.

You must complete the following sections:
1. Purpose
2. Concerns and Goals
3. Tasks
4. Scenarios
5. Measurements
6. Test Methods
7. Study Script

For more information on these sections, refer to the lecture slides and the book. Also, feel free to ask
Dr. Quarles questions if anything is unclear to you.

In case the site goes down or you are lacking web access, here is a screenshot of the site:

Turn in:
Put your usability s ...Read More

Solution Preview - TOC \o "1-3" \h \z \u Introduction PAGEREF _Toc371863163 \h 1Purpose PAGEREF _Toc371863164 \h 1What do you expect to gain from the test? PAGEREF _Toc371863165 \h 1What effect will the test results have on the project? PAGEREF _Toc371863166 \h 1How much of the design can be changed? PAGEREF _Toc371863167 \h 1Are there differences of opinions between

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