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An Example of an Online Database Management System Exam Paper


Securing Data Centre using Microsoft Threat Modelling


Data centre is the composition of computers and the storage devices that are used for storing large amount of data in the secured location. It helps to store, process, and execute the data that are present in the data centre. Many organizations move to the cloud storage instead of storing data in data centre. But many expertises feel that data centres are more secured when compared to cloud storage. Since storage of data in the data centre is secured it has some of the security issues. In order to solve the issues in the data centre, threat modelling tools have been used. In this report, we are going to look into the ways that are helpful to secure the data centre and deep learning about threat modelling tools. Some of the unique characteristics or features of cloud data centre are it looks more redundant when the hardware configurations are done, physical and virtual components are combined. 

Cloud Privacy Threat Modelling

In the cloud privacy threat modelling the data that are present in the data centre process the sensitive data with the data protection directive. The distinctive ideas of the risk demonstrating foundation are assault surface, assault tree and assault diagram. The assault surface can be isolated and accommodated the clients, administrations and cloud suppliers. The risk displaying is basically utilized for secure every one of the information and the gadgets that are associated with the server farm. In the event that any of the client tries to assault the then they needs to go through the assault surface layer. In some cases this framework gives the focuses like passage and leave indicates all together check the cloud supplier's entrance and leave purposes of the assault surface to think about the information spillage in the server farm. 
Biobank Cloud Privacy Threat Model

The DPD contains the entities of biobank cloud like subject data, controller and processor. Subject data can be the personal data that can be present in the data centre. The client in the assault surface will be the ordinary client where the client tries to assault the cloud information of the cloud benefit and the administration of the claim cloud information. The cloud occupant client tries to assault the cloud client of the hypervisors. Above figure explains about the working of biobank cloud privacy threat model. Assault tree are useful for giving the underlying endeavours of the assaults. In this abnormal state assault ways have been utilized for introducing the assaults. Assault tree biobank is useful for giving the assault way to achieving the objective. Same way, biobank assault charts have been utilized for finding the least expensive way to reach the objective. In this the vulnerabilities of the way will be recognized and those vulnerabilities will be distinguished in view of the equipment and the product parts. Microsoft Threat modelling can enable associations to limit the potential cost and need to improve code while being developed or in after generation bolster. To help make risk displaying somewhat simpler, Microsoft offers a free SDL Threat Modelling Tool that empowers non-security topic specialists to make and dissect danger models by: Conveying about the security outline of their frameworks, Investigating those outline for potential security issues utilizing a demonstrated approach, Recommending and overseeing alleviations for security issues.


In this report we have provided the threat modelling infrastructure features, metrics and the cloud data centre measuring. The cloud data infrastructures of biobank cloud provide the attack surface, attack tree and attack graphs are used for representing the technologies for implementing the data centres. Data centre is the composition of computers and the storage devices that are used for storing large amount of data in the secured location. Many organizations move to the cloud storage by using the biobank cloud instead of storing data in data centre. But many expertises feel that data centres are more secured when compared to cloud storage. The threat models are also used for the cloud data centre implementation. The implementation of Microsoft threat modelling tool for the biobank cloud has been explained with its features. 


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